Life at Reaction Engines.

Progress powered by brilliant people.

Our principles.

Our principles are our guide for how we do things.
They inform how we behave, our attitude and our spirit.


A pioneering spirit runs through our DNA. We’re here to deliver new, exciting technology. We’re not afraid to explore new territories and be the first to try things.


The things we do aren’t pipe dreams, they are tangible. Our technology will deliver improved cost effectiveness, safety and sustainability.


We’re able to look at challenges from more points of view. We’re agile and value lessons learned. We’re bold and more receptive to innovative ideas.


We’re leaders in our field. We set benchmarks and standards that others follow and aspire to. We inspire confidence.

We’re going to power the next generation of air and space vehicles.

Our team of highly skilled engineers are designing, building and testing a suite of technologies for the world’s most powerful aerospace propulsion system. We’re collaborating with governments and industry across the globe to integrate rocket, gas turbine and ramjet hardware with our unique heat exchanger technology.

We're working to revolutionise a range of commercial sectors.

From improving lap times in motorsport to converting waste energy into renewable electricity to supporting sustainable aviation and beyond, we’re proud to be working on game changing solutions that make a difference.

We offer an opportunity like no other.

The world’s most innovative technology needs the world’s most innovative people. Our highly skilled and talented team collaborate to deliver with unbeatable quality and performance. With an attractive benefits package and company pension scheme, we’ll help you maintain a great work-life balance.

Enjoy work and play.

We all work hard but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun too. We have regular company events and if you like to keep in shape, the sports centre offers tennis and softball tournaments, a running club and more.

In the heart of the countryside.

We’re based in the middle of the Oxfordshire green belt, ideally located between Oxford, Abingdon and Didcot. We’re 20 minutes from the Harwell Space Gateway and half an hour from Oxford City centre. In fact, the site has transport links to the whole of the UK on its doorstep. We also operate a cycle to work scheme for bike enthusiasts. The company has been here since 2001, starting off with a lab in the Culham Innovation Centre before moving to a dedicated premises in 2014.

A UK centre of science excellence.

Culham Science Centre is owned and managed by the UK Atomic Energy Authority, it is also home to some other incredible companies developing robotic handling equipment, advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, as well as next-generation technology. The site is well catered for including coffee shop, convenience store and restaurant plus a gym, sports facilities and a nature reserve.

Meet some of the team.

Design Engineer: part of HX4 team

Chief Executive Officer

President, Reaction Engines Inc.

Head of Human Resources

Materials Scientist and Quality Assurance Engineer

Assembly Operations Manager

Design Engineer: part of HX4 team

Aerothermal Engineer

Development Engineer, Applied Technologies Team