Nicky G Bradford
Materials Scientist and Quality Assurance Engineer

To prevail and never give up as we go beyond the sky to explore other worlds in space. And face our responsibility to look after our own planet. That’s Nicky’s goal. A Fellow Chartered Materials Science Engineer, she has a long history of working in the Aerospace and Space Industry and joined us to help make the seemingly impossible possible.

She works with her talented team to ensure we achieve the right levels of quality assurance. With the motto ‘Get it right first time and fit for purpose’, her team is our main centre of expertise for all quality, inspection, specifications, standards and internal documentation procedures. This involves material selection, mechanical testing coordination, and supplier audits. She also mentors our apprentices and people on our graduate training programme.

When she joined us, Nicky re-organised the Materials Laboratory and utilised working with external materials testing laboratories. It’s imperative we have someone with such a deep working knowledge and practice of materials, welding and NDT (Non-Destructive Testing). Plus, invaluable industrial experience and knowledge of materials suitable to work in both the air and in the vacuum of space.

And as a dedicated STEM Ambassador, she loves talking about material science and hopes her experience as a female engineer can inspire the next generation to choose STEM-based careers.