James Barth
Head of Performance and Aerothermal Engineering

James’ ambition is to leave the world a better place than he entered it. Reaction Engines offers a way to do that: by lowering the cost and environmental impact of space access and finding ways the technology developed for SABRE can help improve life here on Earth.

Before joining us, he gained an MSc in Space Studies from International Space University. He also completed a PhD on improving hydrogen-fuelled scramjet performance to make it suitable for space launch applications.

James enjoys helping improve our processes and thinking of new ways to develop and use our novel technologies, making sure his team has the right tools to do their job, and is happy and feels supported. They are what deliver Reaction Engines’ success stories, and he’s here to help in whatever way he can.

His team’s work is varied and there’s always something new to understand and develop. They work together to continuously improve our tools and methods to ensure we can deliver everything asked of us. Outside of his managerial duties, one of James’ main technical projects is leading work on ammonia-based propulsion systems; work that one day could provide a truly zero-carbon aviation system.

He also spearheaded our university student research programme. As an ex-academic, James’ passion for education means he’s able to contribute to the development of the next generation of UK engineers and scientists.