Emma Ryan
Development Engineer, Applied Technologies Team

Reaction Engines is Emma’s dream job (probably because she watched too much Star Trek as a child). She’s always wanted to contribute to mankind’s understanding of space, through space exploration. So, working for a company that’s re-inventing the rocket engine is perfect.

Emma leads our efforts to industrialise new manufacturing techniques for thin-walled heat exchangers for space, aerospace, energy and automotive industries. That essentially means she finds ways to successfully join tubes, the thickness of a human hair, using brazing.

She has a BSc in Physics and a doctorate in Material Science and previously worked at Lockheed Martin UK. There she industrialised wire and arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) for aerospace applications. Technology now used in spacecraft fuel tanks. A source of pride as she always wanted to build something that goes into space. This led to writing an international standard (BSI EN ISO 6010) on feedstock material for additive manufacturing.

While at Reaction Engines, Emma has worked on the first CE marked heat exchanger, co-ordinating tests, including metallographic inspection, tensile and pressure testing. She’s also helped develop new ways of brazing, which has led to 100% success, so parts are built right first time.

Whether investigating new designs for space planes, developing new materials that remain strong at high temperatures or making innovative parts, Emma is at the vanguard of what’s possible.