Making greener, more efficient aviation happen.

Applications in aerospace

Our ultralightweight technologies for the aerospace sector increase efficiency and can radically reduce the emissions associated with air travel. From traditional jet-engine planes to electric and hybrid aircraft, our thermal management technologies can offer significant performance benefits that traditional solutions cannot.

Our thermal management solutions are not just smaller and lighter. They are simply more effective. Practically anywhere where heat affects performance, on practically any type of aircraft, we can help.

Key benefits


From reducing weight and improving battery performance on conventional aircraft, to achieving the goal of electric flight, we can help you reduce emissions dramatically.

Smaller & lighter

Our thermal management systems are both smaller and lighter – which means less drag and lower emissions.


Our thermal management systems make aircraft more fuel-efficient, more durable and more reliable.


Our systems can be designed to suit to space available, allowing them to be integrated onto existing platforms.

Case study

Making electric flight happen with Ampaire
See how our cooling technology is helping Ampaire to design electric and hybrid aircraft.