Electric Vehicles

Making longer battery life and extended range happen.

Push your technology further

With a game-changing battery cooling system, our thermal management technology for electric vehicles facilitates faster charging times, longer battery pack life and extended range.

Battery technology is improving all the time – but nothing radical happens overnight. That’s why we’ve developed a revolutionary system for cooling EV battery cells, enabling you to get more from the systems you’re using today.
Whether you’re building planes, trains or automobiles, our flexible and isothermal patented HXLIFEFOILS can improve range and performance, while saving weight.

Four ways your vehicles can benefit


Improved cooling performance allows batteries to charge and discharge faster. The isothermal performance helps extend their useful life.


HXLIFEFOILS can be integrated with existing battery pack designs. Lighter than foils made from copper or aluminium, they can be molded into virtually any shape.


Cooling systems based on HXLIFEFOILS can be up to 35% lighter, making your vehicles more efficient. In an EV, that means one thing: more range.


An increased pack life means a reduced carbon footprint across
the life of the vehicle.

Case study

Our patented HXLIFEFOILS can be custom designed to fit your vehicle, offering more design freedom while boosting battery life.