Alba Espinosa
Graduate Engineer

Alba always wanted to work in the Space sector. In 2017 she saw a lecture about Reaction Engines. Inspired by the company’s mission and its novel technology she followed us closely, finished her studies, then applied to our Engineering Graduate Scheme. We’re immensely glad she did.

Alba moved from Spain to follow her dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer. A BEng in Aerospace Engineering, at Queen Mary University of London, and an MSc in Advanced Aeronautical Engineering, at Imperial College London, led her to us.

As a Graduate Engineer her work is extremely varied, as she can move department every six months. So far, she’s been a Control and Systems Engineer, a Project Coordinator, and an Aerothermal Engineer doing preliminary heat-exchanger sizing. She started on the DICE Team within DEMO-A and now she’s a part of the Aerospace Sector Team within the Applied Technologies division. Alba loves the diversity of the work she’s been involved in so far, from desk to lab and from highly technical roles to more managerial ones. Her cross-department knowledge is already proving invaluable to us.

The fact that every single piece of work is important to achieve the company’s vision motivates her, but it’s the people that matter most. This talented group continually inspire her and help her learn and improve. She’s extremely proud to work for Reaction Engines.